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"Brooklynization", for better or worse

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To me, it means taking a humble/"ethnic" cuisine and making it hip for the moneyed classes (particularly the moneyed white classes) by (a) using organic/heirloom produce, grains, and meats and (b) putting a spin so that it's not quite like the source (eg, adding Indian or Southeast Asian seasonings to dishes that previously never would have included them).  The chef may or may not be a member of said ethnic group or hail from the original locale.  Nearly all of the desserts have some kind of savory element.  And there usually is a bespoke cocktail program or a "natural" wine list.

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there's a long thread about this called New Brooklyn Cooking that's one of the board's key achievements. "ethnic" or specific regional cuisines cooked by people with fine dining experience using supposed elevated techniques and ingredients is another way of saying what StephanieL said. you can also say "really expensive pizza" or something similar.

I shouldn't be too snarky, some of my favorite restaurants were NBC restaurants.

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