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Dining Out: Where would you go?

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10 minutes ago, Wilfrid said:

You are making me miss Mont Blanc 52. The martinis were dry enough, but you could practically swim a length in them. Two was the limit.

There was a place I used to bring dates (this was a very long time ago) somewhere around 57th & 6th (but I don't think it was Rue 57) that served these giant martinis in a stemless glass that was submerged in a bowl of crushed ice. I would like to go back there, whatever it was.

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At one restaurant, we picked the fennel flowers from the planter next to us and used them on our fried anchovies. Can't do that indoors!

A good summary from El País:   https://english.elpais.com/society/2020-10-28/a-room-a-bar-and-a-class-how-the-coronavirus-is-spread-through-the-air.html?ssm=TW_CC

I don’t want to leave because I think somewhere else would be “nice”. I want to leave because I think American Death Capitalism is malicious and evil. 

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