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Dining Out: Where would you go?

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At one restaurant, we picked the fennel flowers from the planter next to us and used them on our fried anchovies. Can't do that indoors!

A good summary from El País:   https://english.elpais.com/society/2020-10-28/a-room-a-bar-and-a-class-how-the-coronavirus-is-spread-through-the-air.html?ssm=TW_CC

I don’t want to leave because I think somewhere else would be “nice”. I want to leave because I think American Death Capitalism is malicious and evil. 

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5 hours ago, Anthony Bonner said:

Sneak - Portugal has very low investor visa minimums - like 500k in property.  And a path to citizenship (Which the other programs don't offer in Spain et al., and you want citizenship to access healthcare)

It doesn't require learning Portuguese, does it?

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Dining out update for the week:

Wu’s: simple lunch. Wonton soup, spring rolls, steamed spare riblets & taro. Something got lost in translation because the soup we got was -not- NY’s #1 Wonton / Triple Dumpling with Bone Broth, but rather one kind of dumpling (shrimp) in a wan chicken stock that brought to mind the broths of the Connecticut strip-mall Chinese restaurants of my youth  Did they change the broth? No, other tables I could see had the good stuff. It was boring. I don’t know what got misordered for us our why it’s even on the menu. Spring rolls were oil sponges. Not a good lunch.

Wildair: tried the new-ish breakfast (available all day) sandwich. “Confit Bacon Roll” on the menu. That’s a really good sandwich. Very rich. Pickled pineapple adds a nice touch. Honestly didn’t need the mayo cause the roll was so buttery. Will order without in the future.

Kimika: the new kid in the hood, and I guess this year’s Ernesto’s as far as the near-impossibility of rezzies their first few weeks. Nice meal. Ostensibly Italian-Japanese/Pan-Asian fusion, but this was hardly a retread of All’Onda. Nothing fussy, most of what we had was pretty straightforward - fritto misto, stuffed shishitos, grilled branzino with salsa verde, and uni pizzette. Fish was perfect. Shishitos were the only dish that struck me as “fusion-y” - stuffed with Italian sausage, so a little riff on sausage & peppers  Pizzette was good, I really liked the dough. Only minor complaint was there was maybe a bit too much bottarga (or something) on there - there was a seaside funk that almost masked the uni itself. Otherwise just real good cookin’, not reinventing the wheel. Looked like some of the more creative things were among the pastas, so next time... Dessert was a yakult soft-serve with crispy chicken-skin streusel. Not as chickeny as I’d hoped but fun. Based on what we had I’d put them into that “maybe not a destination but really nice to have in the neighborhood” category. 

from a previous week:

Dr  Clark House - new Hokkaido-nese  restaurant in Chinatown. Unfortunately, directly across the narrow street from the Columbus Park bathrooms, which meant when dining outside there was no avoiding the subtle notes of Eau de Junkie Pee (coming soon from Comme des Garçons) on what was a hot summer evening. Meal was okay... signature dish (Jingisukan, a lamb stir-fry) could’ve had more protein for the price, and wasn’t some especially novel taste sensation. Smoked fish assortment was decent, good with drinks. I’ll probably go back and explore the menu more, there was a crab omurice that caught my attention. Good cocktails. Seems like when it’s safe to go indoors again it’ll be a solid place for snacks & highballs after work. The waitstaff were all mid-20s stoners in tropical shirts just hangin’, bro, and it’s all real laid back, and hey, I don’t know what that dish is but I’ll totally go ask the chef, bro. (Maybe more of an Okinawa than a Hokkaido vibe, but it’s all good, bro.)





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