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Indispensible sauces

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I'm touting a new to me green sauce that IMHO is addictive.    On veg, fish, cold meats, tinned fish, boiled eggs...   

Differing every batch depending on your choice of herbs.    Keeps in fridge, should there be enough.


This batch = parsley, Thai basil, tarragon, chives, savory, sage.    i.e., I just clipped my way through my small herb garden.    Would be wonderful with dill, which I don't grow.  

Today, on fried Mexican cheese.   Ohhhhh, yes!


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Right, the other day I was talking to two chefs. One for whom any nut+anchovy+herb+oil blend is pesto, and the other who insists that only genovese pesto made from genovese basil using mortar and pestle is worthy of the name.


This reminds me I have a lot of excellent anchovies that fell of the back of a truck recently (ok, the distributor had them on the truck and the restaurant he was delivering to had just closed minutes earlier) and I need to use somehow.

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+1.    "Nuts optional" in posted recipe.    I left them out intentionally.    The bones of this sauce are anchovy, preserved lemon and garlic; your choice of herbs are the flesh.   

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24 minutes ago, joethefoodie said:

Chef # 2 is my pick. Otherwise, it's salsa verde.

Does bagna cauda keep?

I think if you use confit garlic it should because there's no source of water content to cause spoilage.

Btw similar to pesto vs salsa verde - in Japan, bagna cauda is very popular and contains garlic, mayo, sometimes white miso, sometimes heavy cream, sometimes anchovy, sometimes bonito flakes, and olive oil. 


@voyager - agreed.

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