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Yes, Happy Birthday scorchedpalate!

Have a terrific birthday, molecule! How are you celebrating?

mongo likey candy!   thanks all--i am currently celebrating with a big bowl of oatmeal--mmmmmmm soggy cardboard...

Tana Be Nana reporting here: yes, last night before bed, I washed my hands, took out my contact lenses, looked at the clock, and had turned 50.


1. GG swears it's no big deal (like SHE'D know). And it doesn't seem to be. I feel fine.


2. I'm happy happy happy because my sister-best-friend Cynthia S., the farmer we all know and love, called dibs on me (way too early) this morning for lunch AND dinner.


3. I decided not to spend precious hours sitting at the DMV renewing my license: I'll do that tomorrow.


4. It's a beautiful day, and the birds are twittering like a Merrie Melodies cartoon.


5. My biggest task this morning is dialing in somewhere to eat for lunch. I hope I don't break a nail! :)


6. I get a payday, woo hoo!



Thanks, everybody. I'm having a lovely morning so far. Now for hot tea and email/Twitter/Facebook/web work.

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