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Our new spot

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Brooklyn NY 11238 

So, we opened a vegan plant store, coffee shop, restaurant and grocery.  Today was our 4th day.   It's right around the corner from our first location.   We live in the neighborhood and it was very easy for us to open this concept..   As I have written about, we have been vegan for the last few months, 4 or 5 and well, we wanted to share some of the food that we have been eating.   

I will post photos and things later.  The restaurant came together quickly.. From the food aspect, recipe testing and menu creation was done in about 5 days..  I worked the last 4 days in the kitchen and everything seems to be running smoothly.. We are in the middle of our soft opening and will be expanding the menu and offerings.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks in terms of getting this together and I am excited to see what becomes of this lcation and concept.. 

Bacon egg and cheese:  This may be my favorite.


This guy is a beast... Maybe our signature dish at this point.  Though, the people have their favorite







Cuban Coffee:

We bought a beautiful machine, a slayer.. We are using mother tongue coffee 



Empanadas: 4 types.. Guava Cream Cheese, Pacadillo, Egg and Cheese and A chana masala aka Samosa probably. 


Bagel and lox:


We making our own donuts:

It's all vegan:







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3 minutes ago, AaronS said:

is this where the cutesy coffee shop was?

It was Urban Vintage.  We basically took all the drapes off the windows, painted the place pink, put down 235 dollars worth of flooring, put in a toaster oven, low boy, coffee machine, a few fridges and a bunch of plants.   We turned the space in about a month 

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2 minutes ago, AaronS said:

space looks really different from the way I remember it. good luck! (not sarcasm.)

 I would tell you that the perfect one two punch would be those nachos with a beer from next door. I am serious when I say these nachos are as good as any nachos I have had,  vegan or not. But... i could be bias

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