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World Series 2020

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7 hours ago, hollywood said:

The Dodgers got screwed tonight on some very bad calls, some bad luck and the idea that baseball is a homerun derby.  Hopefully, better days are ahead.

One of my best friends (and his 2 brothers) is a lifelong Dodgers' fan - don't ask.

But come on - let's not chalk up that loss to bad calls - that's sour grapes, and you know they go both ways over the course of a game, a series, etc. And with annoying replay, the bad calls are so much less than they once were.

But, your team was in the perfect position to win going into the bottom of the ninth. As a matter of fact, still in a position to win with 2 outs and 2 strikes on the batter. And they fucked it up.

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It has been a very entertaining series so far - I have no skin in the game, and the Dodgers did happen to beat the team we really loathe the most. I don't like the Dodgers for other reasons besides bragging rights with a best friend. They spend all the money, while the Mets sit on their asses and bank accounts. Here's hoping that will change on that front.

I wish more baseball was played like these two teams play the game. Small ball. Big ball.

Like - can the Mets get the batting coach from the Dodgers? 7, 8, 9 pitch at bats are just great. And look how productive they are. Shortstops who are great hitters.

Bunts for base hits.  Stolen bases. Catchers trying to steal bases! Excellent defense (most of the time). Jesus - even an attempt to steal home - a straight steal!

I don't know if I love it, but I think replay is very good for fairness - no question blue misses calls. I wonder how long till balls and strikes are called electronically?

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