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I don't find it surprising, just disappointing, that it's taken for granted that there's a moral imperative not to kill animals for food. I think that position is hard to defend -- at least for most animals. 

Cruel farming practices are a different story, but I'm not sure veganism is an effective way to mitigate them.

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I asked you in another thread if you enjoy eating this food. Your answer was basically no, but there was a lot going on in your life (don't have time to look for the posts right now). I understand you

It's just too easy to tear this stuff apart for it to be fun, Daniel, but I salute your efforts to be better. 

Serious question for @Danieland I'm not trolling: How do you reconcile being a vegan for the reasons you mention and then selling meat and dairy in your stores? 

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20 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

I guess the Vegan answer is that the animals have no choice, but, under Capitalism, the farm workers always have the option of opening their own businesses.

A distinction Malcolm Gladwell was unable to perceive when he compared football with dog-fighting.

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