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I asked you in another thread if you enjoy eating this food. Your answer was basically no, but there was a lot going on in your life (don't have time to look for the posts right now). I understand you

It's just too easy to tear this stuff apart for it to be fun, Daniel, but I salute your efforts to be better. 

Daniel, I think that, as a species, we've chosen to set up systems to feed ourselves without (or with minimal) regard to the suffering it causes other species.   That you want to make a dent in that i

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On 11/16/2020 at 12:57 PM, Tubbs said:

As someone who is guilty exactly of what you describe, I completely agree. 

Of eating dogs, having dogs in a tiny apartment, or calling the  police on teenagers.  Just curious.

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1 hour ago, Jesikka said:

Of eating dogs, having dogs in a tiny apartment, or calling the  police on teenagers.  Just curious.

Haha. Of getting a dog in my late 20s shortly after getting married. Although at the time we did not live in a small apartment, we did both have long commutes and long work days, so even dumber. 

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29 minutes ago, Orik said:

I wonder what will happen when all the people who adopted covid pups will suddenly remember they like to travel. 

Their Covid babies will be arriving soon. 

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On 11/16/2020 at 8:24 AM, Daniel said:

I mean, before I was vegan, or even considered being vegan, I was talked into getting a dog... And then really decided to think about what it means to have a dog.. It's amazing to me that this is the first sort of thing a young couple decides to do.  Hey, let's play house and use this poor dog as an surrogate child.  Or something to that affect.  But, when you think about dogs, their owners and most of their lives, it doesn't take too much to realize they have pretty shitty lives for the most part.

I remember Miss A's assistant.. She was in her 20's, just got married, just built and bought a house... We took a tour of the place, they had us for the weekend.. They then made the announcement that they were going to get a dog... I was sitting there in their Crate And Barrel Cataloged House.  Looking at the beautiful hardwood floors that I imagine being scratch to hell..  I said,with all good intentions, "What the hell are you two thinking"  You just bought a house, you are in your early 20's, what would you possibly want the burden? Why would you want to have the responsibility, you should be traveling, you should be free of self imposed restrictions"   They were shocked.. 

But it got me thinking. And I have come up with the belief that, unless you are in your late 60 to early 70's and your doctor told you that you need to walk more.. That you need some companion or motivation to get out of the house and exercise you have no business having a dog.. But, then I thought more, of other scenarios where you can have a dog.. If you live on a farm, if you have acres of property and your dog has a crew of other dogs or animals to play with, this is all ok.  You can open your back door and let the thing run around all day, just to come home for meals and a bath, this is fine. 

But, I see these people with huge dogs in New York City and I feel terrible for them.. I feel terrible for the owners too.. will someone please think about the animals..   So, now we as a city should come together and arrest teenagers because your 80 pound Lab living in your 300 square foot apartment is uncomfortable with fireworks..  

it's a terrible life for both owners and pets alike., A dog has no business being locked in an apartment.. And who the hell wants to cause an animal to suffer for 10 hours a day you are out of the house so you can go to a dog walk on the weekends... It's a terrible existence.  And then you have to board the dog, rush home for the dog, walk the dog in the morning, walk the dog at night... It's no wonder why most  dogs I see have what appears to be crazy nervous disorders.. There are dog therapists, dog psychic, so many dog wellness things.. How about just not having a dog.

Dogs, so much more trouble than they are worth. The amount of money, the effort, the planning and stress, for them to only die in 7 years.. You buy a dog, you are setting yourself up for inevitable heart break.. At best, you have 10 years with this burden and your only reward is crushing heart break. 

Not to mention, it's just disgusting, the amount of poop on the street, the dog pee, it's just so gross. .Everyday, I am skipping over dog poop.. Every day I see plastic bags of crap just tossed everywhere.. They open up my garbage can  and throw their bags on top of my garbage bags.  The other day, some dog owner let their dog walk around the front of my house and just pee on my property.. I have seen dog owners let their dogs pee against buildings, pee on the sidewalk.  It's gross, people are gross.. Most people can't take care of themselves and now they are responsible for these poor stupid things.  

I think we should start eating dogs, they are less intelligent than pigs and cows. Actually it would be better for the environment. 

Now cats on the other hands, so much better that dogs. 


Yes in Manhattan or the city, dogs don’t have a great life. I agree it’s sad that these dogs, especially the larger ones never get to play on grass or have room to run. 

  That said after I got married (in my 30s) we bought a home and then a golden retriever puppy. She has a very sweet life. We got her knowing I wouldn’t be working (my choice) so I’d be home to train her and take care of her. Six years later and almost 9 months the of the pandemic she still is the best. We used to travel often but we’d have her in a kennel where she played daily then had her own room with her own tv, her own HVAC system (as not to get sick) in a sound proof suite. 

  It costs a lot but she’s worth it. She’s my pseudo child. We love her entirely and she is loyal as hell. 

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