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Wow!  Kudos to you!    I actually know someone famous.

I remember having a solo dinner at a tiny restaurant on W. 17th St. next to a table of two big.Jeopardy winners.   I recognized them both and found their experiences fascinating.

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Just now, joethefoodie said:

I was gonna say they could've given you a milk crate or something!!

 It was the tallest apple box they had. And I still look like I've been hit with a shrink ray.

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Voyager, next time we can see each other in person, remind me to tell you stories, including my one and only venture into a Trader Vic's (post-tourney).

And small h, yay to have another contestant here!  I tied for 2nd overall in the tournament, so I got to keep my winnings.  I also got a Nintendo (kept that for my younger sister), but forfeited all of the other prizes because you got taxed on the inflated retail value of those too.

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