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Best Mouthfuls: Flatiron

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I think this might include the Garment District somewhat too.


South side of 34th down to north side of 14th. West side of Park to East side of 7th. I am trying to fit these pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, of course.


Okay, there's plenty here. Let me start the ball rolling with Eisenberg's for solid deli sandwiches and good chopped liver in a quirky/friendly old-time atmosphere. I don't know about the soup with matzoh balls, as I haven't tried it.

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Best bread: Pain Quotidien at ABC Carpet


Best hot dog, sausage on a bun: Mandlers


Best sushi: Mizu


Best supermarket: Whole Foods


Best lunch buffet: City Bakery


Best casual seafood: BLT Fish


Best veggie: Zen Palate


Best hot chocolate: City Bakery


Best quickie lunch: 'Wichcraft

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Not arguing with the choice of Craft, but as with the other threads of this kind, I am trying to avoid destination/upscale restaurants.


Is that the Whole Foods which hasn't opened yet, Rose?


Specific vendors at the Union Square market would be welcome. Ted Blew for his scrapple and other pig bits, for example. The bison guy - trouble is, I am not good at remembering the names.


Cheese-grazing in the bar or cheese-shopping at Artisanal.


Best vintage cocktails: Flatiron Lounge.


Ironically, the Gramercy Tavern is in this area, so the no reservation bar room is a great place for a spontaneous dinner.


Best wine store: Union Square Wines.


Best traditional pub: The Old Town Bar.


Now, what's the name of the Mexican just east of Park, reviewed by Bruni a while back? I would send people there quite happily to snack on inventive, spicy Mexican snacks and sample tequilas.


Bread Bar at Tabla is a no-reservation place, right? I guess that's recommended, although I've never been.

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