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Best Mouthfuls: Flatiron

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Ennju, 'wichcraft, Bar Jamon and Madeleine Patisserie. Silver Swan for beer.


Is that it? No closures?


ETA: Do people still like Tabla.



Wolfgang's Burger, then, and the Bread Bar. Last calls for anything else.

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there is a newish wine bar that i have not been maybe even called wine bar above a weird place called punch on 22nd and bway. or maybe we should just let sleeping dogs lie.

Oh I know it. What's it called....?

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2009 Revisions. Openings, closings, please let me know. For new readers, we are listing the best options within the neighborhood (note boundaries) under the given headings; we are not listing "destination" dining - i.e. more formal restaurants requiring reservations (or at least special planning). Please suggest only really good places in the neighborhood, not just anywhere that's okay: the standard will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. It's not necessary to repeat suggestions already made above (since the last revision), unless I seem to have missed them when the 2009 draft gets posted.



South side of 34th down to north side of 14th. West side of Park to East side of 7th.


Sitting down mouthfuls


Best BBQ: Hill Country. Best burger: Wolfgang's. Best sushi: Mizu. Best lunch buffet: City Bakery. Best casual Indian (or Indian-fusion): Bread Bar at Tabla. For cheese and wine, the bar at Artisanal. For fresh, cheap Japanese fast food, Ennju.


Standing up mouthfuls


Best hot dog: Mandler's (also try the chicken brat). Raw food snacks: Pure Juice and Takeaway (just around the corner from mothership Pure Food & Wine. Best Chicago-style burger and hot dog stand: Shake Shack. Sala for grilled veggie sandwich with romesco sauce. "Grandma-style" slice: Maffei's. Tacos: Grand Burrito; Chipotle. Fancy sandwiches: 'wichcraft.


Sweet mouthfuls


Best sandwich cookie & chocolate scone: 'wichcraft. Best macarons and other French pastries: Madeleine Patisserie.


Thirsty mouthfuls


Best pub: The Old Town Bar. Best german beer bar: The Silver Swan (closed). Best vintage cocktails: Flatiron Lounge. Best wine bars: Bar Jamon, Bar Stuzzichini (both have good light food too).


Best hot chocolate and lemonade: City Bakery. Best juices and smoothies: Jamba Juice.


Shopping mouthfuls


Our Union Square green market picks: High Hope Hogs (pork: look out for scrapple); Flying Pigs (pork); Windfall Farms (good but expensive baby greens; Hotalings (cider); the Korean stall selling kimchi and baby bok choi; Quattro (pheasant eggs); Body and Soul for sweet and savory vegan pastry products; Keith's (garlic); Samascott Orchards (apples); Patches of Star (goat meat and cheese); Eckert's (heirloon and cherry tomatoes, chilies); Sprout Creek (cheeses, especially Ourlay) and Cato Corner (cheeses, especially Hooligan); Yuno for vegetables; Locust Grove for apples, quinces, stone fruits and grapes - note, not every vendor is there every day.


Best bread: Pain Quotidien (in ABC). Best wine store: Moore Bros. Best for tea and accessories: T Salon & T Emporium.


Anything else?


Park Avenue South is a meat market of a different kind on weekend evenings.

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i would doubt hill country as best bbq anymore - so many detractors now. i can't say myself but perhaps others can....wouldn't wildwood be a better entry?


and markt on 22nd and sixth for mussels, frites and belgian beer.

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Can someone check the greenmarket details please?

The Union Square Greenmarket is listed under Flatiron? :unsure:


What is the real name of the bunny guy? Anyway from him: rabbits and duck eggs. He sometimes has unusual vegetables too.

Quatto for smoked chicken, duck eggs and pheasant sausage.

Berried treasure for ramps (in season), beans and potatoes.

Three Corner Farm for lamb and cheeses.

There's a new beef vendor that I think Cathy and some others like.

Also a new cheese vendor - ricotta?


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