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Unfortunate Architecture

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Generally agree, but hard to take seriously someone writing about architecture, that doesn’t know how to spell steel. 

There is I suppose one defensible reason to build cheap, and that is to produce affordable housing. That said, I would note that building quality, even for cheap buildings, is extraordinary in Germany compared to anywhere else I’ve seen except maybe Switzerland. I don’t know why this is. Guesses would be apprenticeship system, and high transaction costs from buying/selling real estate. 

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The thing is, many of the people around here (I'm not talking about Stone) who decry developers' dismissal of architectural quality in favor of saving money also make fun of people who buy products by companies like Apple because "you're paying for design".

I don't understand why someone would think it's wrong for developers to cheap out on design quality when they themselves do the same thing for items they introduce into their households for everyday use.

Oh wait:  cuz the developers' money is OPM.

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