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This appears to me my dream website... Chinese Groceries delivered in addition to food from restaurants.. So, you can get dim sum from Jing Fong, or Fay Da Bakery and a pound of bok choy, or whatever..   I placed my first order after having it my cart of 5 months... I chose the window of Sunday, so, we shall see when it exactly arrives.. 

Photos of my order below:






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there is a whole ecosystem of this stuff on WeChat if you can read mandarin. One of my coworkers is a huge fan. They even did  lunch drop offs on various corners in midtown in the before times. Food looks good, and logistics seem pretty good so long as you don't ask how much people are being paid.

 Downside of course is giving the PLA your dietary preferences. Tho I guess they've got control of my phone anyway.

The dominant vegetable section in a grocery store around here is in a Kam Man. Even better than places like wegmans.  Price and quality.

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Where is here?  Asian Grocery Stores are always better for fish and produce than your normal grocery, for me at least.  Now the butcher is another story.. 

Do you mean the Kam Man in Chinatown.. I usually hit up, NY Mart on Mott and Grand.   

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1 hour ago, Anthony Bonner said:

I'm out in New Jersey these days.

Solid move!  Did you get your copy for Thunder Road mailed to you?   Welcome to Jersey, i am a fan. 

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Received my order yesterday without incident.. They gave me a strange window, from like 5 to 11 pm but, it arrived at exactly 5 pm.. I received a notification and a photo of the boxes at my front door.. Order complete, fresh looking veggies..  One thing I didn't realize was that I ordered 3 pounds of oyster mushrooms.,. For 16 bucks, it was no biggie. Looks like I am eating a shit ton of mushrooms this next week.  

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