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My ambitious plan actually came together. Thanks, given. Wedge salad with blue cheese dressing, tomato bisque (not pictured), mac & cheese, Brussels sprouts slaw, mashed potatoes a la Robuchon (i.

i'm totally off the hook for the first time in almost 50 years. no turkey, no sweet potatoes, no cranberry sauce. i'm thinking short ribs and polenta 

I'm pivoting to partridge. I decided having as flavorful a bird as grouse on Thanksgiving would be highly untraditional.

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21 hours ago, voyager said:

But, Steph, you were happy with the bird?

Yes, I was.  I like the "richness" of the meat--it seemed almost like duck rather than turkey.  I really hope that we can renovate our kitchen soon so that we can have an oven large enough to fit our roasting pan in.  The only reason we smoked the turkey is because we literally would not have been able to fit it into our current oven.

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23 hours ago, StephanieL said:

  N went with a higher temperature to get a shorter cooking time, and the skin came out kind of tough.

If you brined the bird, I don’t think you can expect the skin to even be edible, and that’s just fine. Brining and smoking aren’t about the skin anyway.

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For two:  Mexican-style shrimp cocktail, roasted turkey thighs, mushroom gravy, balsamic-glazed Brussels sprouts, butter roasted sweet potatoes, cornbread oyster dressing, cranberry-orange-ginger sauce, apple crumble for dessert.  Pinot Noir to drink.

Leftovers:  I bought an extra thigh to be sure I had enough for hot turkey sandwiches and turkey-bean soup.  Still enough elft over (very big thighs) for a Cobb salad with turkey instead of chicken. 

The leftover dressing was turned into soup dumplings by adding an egg and a little flour.  Good!  I always like the leftovers more than the main meal, although it occurred to me this year that I could have, and maybe should have, made duck instead of turkey.


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