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8 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

Look, I'm telling you that you can't make rice as good as I just had on the stovetop.  You just can't.

Pretty much correct.  There may be a variety or two of rice that can be pretty great on the stovetop (certainly when I make donabe rice it comes out great, but then it also is being cooked in a special vessel), but it still involves more work that this appliance. Truly a set it and forget it.

Otherwise, this appliance wouldn't be used in basically every single restaurant where rice is an integral part of the meal.

And many homes where rice is probably made in the morning and kept pretty much in great condition the whole day.

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For jasmine, I use 1 cup rice to 1 and a little (less than 1.25) cups water. I don't use the measurements on the rice pot, not even for short grain rice. My mother prefers drier rice, so she uses the

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I finally got my fancy new rice cooker. It's a Zojirushi BAC05, so I can make quinoa if I want (which I don't because I don't like quinoa). It takes a little more planning than my Tiger, as it takes twice as long to cook rice than my Tiger. But I think the Zojirushi includes soaking time, while the Tiger didn't. No wonder my rice is fluffier now. Haven't bothered to change the melody, yet, and I'm not sure I care enough to do so. It's a little annoying, but most of the time, I don't really even hear it.


So far I've only made jasmine rice in it. Maybe I'll try brown rice next. Have to bring down my blood sugar readings. And I might try red rice even though there is no setting for red rice. I like to live dangerously!

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