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Yes and yes.

Reminded of one of my favorite Dee Dee Ramone stories. When Spector was producing the band he thought it was a good idea to pull out a gun and wave it around. Dee responded by pulling out a knife and had to be restrained before he did Spector some harm.

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Way too complicated. This is a hard one. An honored MF member tweeted that praising him is like praising Charles Manson for playing good guitar.

But no, this is a major, hugely influential talent. Also a murderer. I don’t have precedents, although there must be some. 

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Sid Vicious.

Jim Gordon.

Two murderers - and better musicians (well, I guess with Sid, that's up for debate) than Manson. But more influential. Unless the influence is influencing other people to kill people. In which case, Charlie for the win.

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