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I mean, you create four brilliant albums based on the premise of stripping down bubblegummy pop-rock to the point where it becomes brutal. And then you have the least stripped-down record producer in the history of record production produce you?

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Seymour Stein's idea, partly connected with having Spector produce "Rock and Roll High School" for the eponymous movie (he did a re-mix in the end), and partly in the hope that the boys would finally have a U.S. pop hit. Never to happen, not even with "Sheena." Although "Baby I Love You" was top 10 in the UK.

(I had Dee Dee's autobiography within reach.)


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16 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

I'd be very wary of being more forgiving about the crime because of the quality of the art.

But I guess my question is, when would this come up?  When you're writing an obituary (or a life history), I guess.  But that's it.  When you're writing an evaluation of the work, the fact that the creator is a murderer might be a fact you'd mention (as Rowland does about Caravaggio) (brawl or no brawl).  But it shouldn't be a focus.  You certainly don’t have to be considering how “bad” the crime was.

Now to be sure, in the real case on which my thought experiment was based, Norman Mailer led a successful campaign to get clemency for imprisoned murderer/author Jack Henry Abbott because he was a good writer -- who returned the favor by killing another person almost immediately upon his release.  But Mailer did a lot of stupid things.

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2 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

William Tell missed his son!

I don't know who's idea it was for Spector to produce the Ramones. Although I may have the answer here somewhere.


But Tell inspired Burroughs.

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Yes indeed.

BTW, saw a funny Norman Mailer story somewhere this week. Buckley gave Mailer a copy of his autobiography with "Hi Norman!" penciled in the index next to the entry on Mailer.


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