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34 minutes ago, Orik said:

...so the restaurant would need to procure it, which would take at least a day, and then magically still marinate it for two days before cooking for many hours. How they fit all this in 48 hours is anyone's guess.


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look, the last time we indians trusted white people with cash transactions you stayed for 300 years and took over.

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7 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

Potatoes, rice, lentils, and two kinds of bread. 

i really like the joint but I’m still not seeing any justification for the price point on that. Or why you couldn’t just order the rabbit without the carb-fest.

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Because the ordering process is days in advance, there’s a long emotional journey leading up to the meal.

Give me a break.

I slow cooked some goat yesterday, four hours in a clay pot. Delicious. Probably cost about $6 per serving. But of course there was no emotional journey.

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