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Smokers - help me choose one

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Maybe get the Weber bullet which is of course great for smoking. You can use the bottom third of the bullet to potentially grill. 

I wouldn't use anything other than real wood charcoal so that would rule the smaller one out for me.

I’m partial to a classic Weber kettle. I don’t know how you’re gonna fry with leftover heat on anything.  

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20 hours ago, prasantrin said:

I'm never putting together another grill. Never ever ever! 

Picked it up this morning, then decided I needed a rest before putting it together. Except my little rest turned into a long nap and it was after 5:30 before I even started putting it together, and then it took me more than 1 hour*. 

Finally got the coals ready following the instructions, and 50 briquettes, as recommended by the manual, gave a very pitiful fire and the temp never got over 250F (it was also pretty chilly out today, and by the time I finished cooking, the outdoor temp was 7C, windchill of 2C). We ended up using it for the corn and zucchini, and just to put grill marks and a bit of charcoal flavor on the steak, finishing it off on the stove. 

I clearly need to practise more. Am waiting for a couple of books from the library, but as of 10pm last night, my area shut down most services again (we're number 3! In the most covid infections per capita in Canada and the US), so who knows when I'll get them.      

*Funny side story, I just finished being assessed for adhd, and one of the assessment questions was, "Do you ever have trouble following instructions, missing important details?" And I answered no. But after tonight, I realized I should have answered yes. 

This is very helpful 



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1 hour ago, prasantrin said:

But I suspect I'd prefer an electric smoker just so I can set it and forget i

No, you can't.

There is basically nothing you can set and forget (in the kitchen).

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It was $27. I know because i bought one, and I had to go all the way to home depot to get it. I also got a double probe thermometer thing because i don't think the built in thermometer is very accurate, but it was by mail order and won't arrive until later this week or next week (thermoworks smoke). I only got it because it was 25% off and the US$ is comparatively in the toilet (compared to a couple of years ago, anyway). I am poor, and just count my pennies.   

ETA we don't actually have pennies in Canada, but if we did, I would count them.     


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Isn't the timer the kind where you just have to punch in the numbers? Like if you want two minutes and thirty seconds, you just punch in 230 instead of pushing the minute button twice and pushing the second button thirty times. That's what it looked like, so I kind of wanted one. But you know, pennies.

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Maybe the coals were too small? (What brand, by the way). 

In my smoking days, Kingsford worked well. And to smoke in a 22" kettle, all I would have in the kettle would be like 24 lumps, which kept a nice temp. At that time, and maybe they still do, they sold these "rails" that would hold the coals off to each side under the grill handles, so it was quite easy to add more charcoal if necessary. These are on Amazon from the Weber store.


This also worked well..the rib rack...





Though to just pile stuff up in there and every once in a while move it around works...




I miss having a backyard - the above was done at a friend's house. He happens to have a backyard!

I love Therma-everything. Even the timer @Sneakeater appears to have so much trouble with. Their "dot" is a great little tool toy.

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I got a new toy for my birthday which is awesome: https://store-us.meater.com/products/meater-plus

Probe in the meat and the piece that sticks out of the meat logs the temp of the smoker. Bluetooth to my phone so I can see the smoker temp and meat temp on my phone at all times and I can set alarms to notify me of temp changes. It is a game-changer, especially for overnight cooks. 

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I want a rib rack, but thought I should figure out maintaining, or even reaching, ideal temperatures first. Then again, my 200F ish temps are closer to smoking temps, so maybe that's what I should start with.     

I used original Kingsford briquettes. They were part of my mother's gift. After these are finished, I will try the lump charcoal available from Costco (I don't know what kind, and it's not on the website), or Royal Oak briquettes which I read were also pretty good.    

The grill came with these two half moon things which I think are to be used for indirect grilling. These things https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000WEMGM4 so when I'm ready to do the ribs, I'll use them.     

But ya, gotta learn how to make the grill hot, first. That's my plan for the weekend as I have a lot of ground beef to use. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.     

My first indirect grilling project will be the ribs with a side of chicken. Maybe even chicken breast because surely a grill can make even chicken breasts taste good? I will brine them first to make them extra tasty.

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9 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

Maybe the coals were too small? (What brand, by the way). 

In my smoking days, Kingsford worked well. And to smoke in a 22" kettle, all I would have in the kettle would be like 24 lumps, which kept a nice temp. 


24 briquettes total, so 12 on each side? I really must have effed up then! Maybe the low ambient temperature and the brisk wind affected my coals. My toes were blue, so why not my coals?

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