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Oatly. Not Just For Vegans...For Investors

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Private equity has a place at the table, and so do Oprah and Jay-Z. Food giants like Nestlé are scrambling to get a foot in the door. There are implications for the climate. There are even geopolitical rumblings.

The unlikely focus of this excitement is Oatly, producer of a milk substitute made from oats that can be poured on cereal or foamed for a cappuccino. Oatly, a Swedish company, will sell shares to the public for the first time this week in an offering that could value it at $10 billion and exemplify the changes in consumer preferences that are reshaping the food business.

It’s no longer enough for food to taste good and be healthy. More people want to make sure that their ketchup, cookies or mac and cheese are not helping to melt the polar ice caps. Food production is a leading contributor to climate change, especially when animals are involved. (Cows belch methane, a potent greenhouse gas.) Milk substitutes made from soybeans, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, hemp, rice and oats have proliferated in response to soaring demand.


(Funny, I've always thought it WAS enough for food to taste good!)

Save us!!

https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/18/business/oatly-ipo-milk-substitutes.html?action=click&module=In Other News&pgtype=Homepage

Oh - I forgot...



Nestlé, the world’s biggest producer of packaged food, unveiled its own milk alternative this month, made from peas.



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We started using Oatly because of a dairy/nut allergy in the family. For us, only the "full fat" is acceptable. We used to have both cow's milk and non-dairy since not everyone has allergy issues but all the cow's milk drinkers shifted.

Oatly has much better flavor and mouthfeel than any of the pea protein versions and seems to be much more versatile as a substitute in baking than soy milk.

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I like the Barista Oatly, which I think contains some soy. It is really easy to get a good micro-foam while still tasting nice. (However, I hate the PET packaging!)

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