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Les Trois Chevaux is Angie Mar's follow-up to The Beatrice Inn, located in the surprisingly small space on the corner of West 12th & West 4th, next door to where The Beatrice was.  As is well known, it's her stab at classic French -- although a few Japanese inflections creep in (especially on the cocktail list) (which I guess is pretty classic French these days).

Of course I had to go just about as soon as it opened.  I wanted to help fund Angie's parking tickets.  But, really, this is food I just love -- and I just loved it.

It's $180 or $185 (I don't see the price on their website, oddly) for four courses.  You get to choose your appetizer and your main course from a good-sized menu.   The three cheeses and the one dessert are all that's available for those courses.

I selected the All Veal Parts dinner.  I started with a veal brain quenelle, in a cream sauce with lots of black summer truffle.  It was light.  It was airy.  But the flavor was substantial.  If this wasn't the best thing I've had in months, it's only because the Pieces of Jade at CheLi and the Musakhan at Qanoon are so good.  My only complaint is that there was one quenelle instead of seven or eight.

Then the veal sweetbread crépinette, wrapped in cabbage.  If this was a slight letdown after the quenelle, it was only because the quenelle was so surpassingly great.

Three good cheeses, and then a hyper-light flan.

The cocktails are "interesting".  You'd expect a decent, pricey, but basically "meh" wine program at a place like this -- and you get one.

My habitual sport jacket was sufficient.  I didn't see anyone -- not staff, not customers -- in a dinner jacket.  I forgot about their "no sneakers" rule, but fortuitously had worn shoes instead of my habitual sneakers anyway.  You'd think that a place that makes such a big deal about having a dress code would have a bag-and-hat check.  It's going to be très élégant come Fall when everyone has their coats draped over their chairs.

There's so much on the menu I still want to try!  I've already made my return reservation.

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I love when Sneak and Seth have a conversation on here, I always think it's just Sneak talking to himself for 8 posts straight until I look at the names. Sneak, how much are cocktails? I would ho

I was a huge fan of The Beatrice Inn, so I also had to go just about as soon as it opened.  You have to book via Resy and pre-pay the $185 pp prix-fixe, plus tax and tip (you can leave the tip via Res


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1 hour ago, Sneakeater said:

You can give it to someone else I guess.

Let's put it this way:  if you were expecting Mar's fancy French restaurant to be cheaper than The Beatrice, you were bound to be disappointed.

I -didn’t- expect it to be more than Le Bernardin, though. (Especially when you don’t even get to choose two of your courses)

I’m sure I’d like it. I’m not sure I’d leave feeling it was worth the cost, though, for two savory courses and two other courses I could probably give two shits about. Which would drastically reduce my like.

i mean, we’ll go, don’t get me wrong.

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41 minutes ago, Sneakeater said:

True.  But just TRY to get calves’ brains in Prospect Heights. 

Sure. Raw, though. And probably special order. You have an old family recipe? 

While I’m glad to see a notable chef put them on a menu, they don’t justify the price tag. 

The last time I had cheffy brains was 2018 at the James Beard House. That meal might have been worth $185. It might have even cost $185 (I didn’t pay) but it was also like eight courses. The brains were damn good, though.

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