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This is the new Junoon, nextdoor to where the old Junoon was on West 24th St. off Madison Square Park.  Upscale Indian.

Speaking of value propositions (as we were in the Les Trois Chevaux thread), how's this?  You can order à la carte if you want to, but an $85 prix fixe entitles you to (1) your choice of any appetizer on the menu, (2) your choice of any main dish on the menu, (3) your choice of any bread on the menu, (4) your choice of any daal on the menu (OK, there are only two), (5) rice, and (6) your choice of any dessert on the menu.  Relevant to our Les Trois Chevaux discussion, the bartender told me that one reason for this prix fixe offer is to encourage diners to order a dessert, as the restaurant is quite proud of its dessert offerings.

Because I know you want to know, I had:  (1) goat brain toast,* (2) Lal Mas (a smoky goat stew), (3) the house naan with za'atar, paneer, and gruyerre, (4) yellow daal, (5) rice, and (6) Kulfi pops (I did, indeed, really enjoy the dessert).

The food was certainly tasty and well prepared.  The problem places like this have in New York right now is that they're competing with the flavor explosion that is Dhamaka, next to which their food can't help but seem staid and a little boring.  On the other hand, Junoon offers a much more appealing space and ambiance and a markedly better beverage program.  And that prix fixe is a real value.


* After I finished my brain toast, the bartender sidled over.  BARTENDER:  I'm sorry, but I have to ask:  is this the first time you've ever eaten brains?  ME:  First time since Wednesday.

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When I saw a photo of the interior space, it looked familiar. Checking the address, I was right. It’s the former home of Trattoria Italienne. Nice redo.  We ate at the old Junoon a few times (conveniently located directly across Madison Square Park from our apartment).  Though we enjoyed the food, once Indian Accent opened, we much preferred its cuisine and happily made the trip to Midtown.

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Its been almost exactly 2 years since we ate at Indian Accent.  I no longer remember details but I remember not enjoying it.  The current Junoon sounds interesting, as does Sona.

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I always think of Junoon as conservative but solid (and yes, she’s since I’ve been). I do remember serious attention to the right wines for the food.

Can you get cheese instead of dessert? 😎


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