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Bbf is the new Mod Izakaya opened by Chikara Sono, late of Kyo Ya, on Ludlow Street right off Houston (if you're still hungry you can go next door to Katz's!).  The name is an abbreviation for "Brookl

They'll offer a $190 rabbitfish!

A cluster show!

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(The only time I was ever sympathetic with Eater was when they struggled unsuccessfully to get their commenters to use this term correctly.  They were sorry they popularized it.)

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A good restaurant can be so overwhelmed by unanticipated demand that the quality of its food and service declines and it becomes a shitshow.  But you have to actually go and experience the bad food and service to know that’s happened. You can’t call it a shitshow just cuz you can no longer get in.  All you know then is that it’s become a clusterfuck. 

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OK, one more shitshow post.

This won’t be a Shang shitshow cuz it’ll be popular.  And it won’t be a Beauty & Essex shitshow cuz there'll be reasons people go there other than the crowd and the pictures on the internet.  (Don Angie isn't a shitshow cuz it's popular on Instagram and you can't get in.  It's a shitshow cuz it sucks, AND it’s overwhelmed by crowds cuz of Instagram.)

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The neighborhood it’s in leads me to believe that it can only become…well, let’s just say that I think if you want to enjoy it for the food, go now.

Hopefully I’m wrong, and it is great, will remain great, and it will be possible to eat there.

cause otherwise - a cluster show.  A shitfuck? You know, just so annoying that even if the food is good, you won’t want to bother.

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I arrived unfashionably early (as is my wont, usually) and was seated in the corner of the bar, which was nice 'cause I could see the whole place. The orchids are here!


And the photographer! (Note crazed waving guy on the left - the staff here is the absolute best mix of professional and entertaining.)


I started with the uni sushi bomb, which I was interested to see constructed. The sushi chef has a device reminiscent of a muffin tin to mold the rice and press the toppings into it, which he then flips over and extracts the sushi from, as if from a tiny cake release pan. I love Hokkaido uni. I wasn't sure why I needed two different soy sauces, one with wasabi and one without, since I'm willing and able to mix up my own, but whatever. It's a full service establishment.


Homemade udon? Yes, please. The fish dipping sauce was lovely, and if no one had been looking, I would've drunk it. The noodles were beautifully springy and slick. I'm usually a soba gal, but these could convert me.


I was planning on diversifying, but the call of the sushi bomb was strong. Tuna/avocado and ikura. These weren't as spectacular as the uni, but they were prettier.


Two glasses of sake, the Yukiotoso Snow Yeti Junmai (very nice, light, sharp and dry) and the Chiyomusubi Eternal Ties Tokubetsu Junmai (a bit too heavy and sweet for me).

Comp disclosure: does three tastings at September Wine count? Probably not. I don't get comped very often, 'cause I don't order much and I'm only marginally personable.

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