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mongo is lazy and is not really doing research for these seat of the pants write-ups that are written in just about the time it takes to type them. actually, that's true of almost everything on my blog.

penultimate kansas city write-up today: of dinner at voltaire of which i say that it presents "a kind of portable and seemingly highly replicable global eclecticism that seemingly takes cues from everywhere and is everywhere but is not of anywhere: a menu that has hummus, Thai curry, Moroccan sausage, Spanish octopus, fish tacos etc. alongside each other; all of it passed, of course, through a cheffy blender. You can find menus like this all over North America; all over North America on any given evening a couple of thousand well-heeled (mostly young, mostly white) people are ordering from menus like this. It has become an index of identity as much as clothes or music."

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5 hours ago, mongo_jones said:

You can find menus like this all over North America;

What's interesting is I don't think it's even just North America at this point. A friend posted this picture of the menu from a restaurant he was at - in Athens. Obviously skewed Greek, but still...


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