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How short were the shorts? Did you catch a glimpse of any Parisian sausage?

Drink more?

I set up a separate drinks account on a separate credit card. 

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Bottom line: glad we went and we'll definitely return.

Question: anyone been upstairs to the newish Bar Blondeau?  Also seems like a place we'd go.

At any rate, although we enjoyed ourselves, it wasn't without significant misses.  Our traditional type cocktails (Negroni and Dark & Stormy) were good, the Country Pate we ate them with was also very good & so was the bread it came with.  We did get some lively mustard after asking.  My Onion Soup was very well made but not one of my favorite tastes - I think the Sourdough bread might be the cause, as I'm not a sourdough type of guy.  Otherwise very nice.  Ginny's escargots were pretty overwhelmed by the fennel - she's more into a traditional prep. but it was fine to order once. It won't be a repeater.  Ginny's duck leg entree was a failure.  The chanterelles, sun chokes and slices of pear were fine but the duck itself was not great (&, to paraphrase an old Catskills joke, there wasn't enough of it either).  Bring on the laughter - yes, I ordered the chicken.  And it was great.  And so were the fries.  And I told Ginny that it reminded me of Barbuto's (which I loved) without having done my homework and known that the co-chef/owner was a long time Waxman guy there.  And there was more than enough of it to require take home.   Our glasses of wine (me white, her red) were more than fine, although I still have to adjust to the "new norm" when paying $19 for a glass from a $30 retail bottle & $16 for a glass from a $25 bottle (yeah, I looked them up afterwards).  We only wanted one dessert to share and I gave Ginny the pick.  Unfortunately for me, it wasn't one that I'd pick.  But the Apple Tart Tatin was okay.  All in, $270 with a good tip.  

BTW, everyone was extremely (&, seemingly, genuinely) friendly, without any attitude (never expected, but always a plus these days).  And, even though the bar seats don't have backs, they were padded and comfortable enough.

With some different ordering (well, maybe not replacing the chicken), we'll be happy here periodically.  The price point could be lower but the general feel of the place makes it worth it to us.  I can see why Wilf keeps returning.


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1 hour ago, Sneakeater said:

You know, YOU should be going to Victor for the on-the-menu roast chicken they tout so highly!

Although I like those guys from Buttermilk Channel & French Louie, it’s been pointed out (in another thread that I do remember) that the limited menu makes it very hard to put together 2 meals there.  

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I was torn between the rabbit with cream and the duck with chanterelles last time and I guess I made the right choice. Haven’t had duck there yet. Surprised to hear the portion was small. The chicken and fries is gigantic. 

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It was enough to be a Ginny sized entree, but it shouldn’t have left the kitchen as it didn’t look good either.  It was in the send back-able range, but we didn’t.  Given how everything else looked around us, probably a one off.  Can’t wait for you to try it and let us know.

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