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NFL 2021-2022

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This was freakin' torture.  Garrapolo just throws too many weird passes for my liking.

He had to assume the fetal position.

I don’t think the call against williams that prolonged the game gets made in other circumstances.

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So after a game that was delayed by weather in the domed SoFi Stadium (huh?), the Raiders scored on the Chargers using a move that seems to have captured the league's fancy.  It's called the flat China route.  When asked to explain the name, the announcers dumbed down.  Could it be in a politically incorrect fashion it refers to a two slant route?  Anyway, the Chargers won.

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48 minutes ago, hollywood said:

I'm curious to see how the Niners fare against the Cowboys.

They are a better road team than home team, but that will be a tough game. Way fewer Niner fans down in that shit hole place.

Even after losing a bunch of excellent defensive guys (as well as the coordinator Saleh to you know who), they're quite hard to run on, and put a nice rush on with 4 guys. I mean, the one blitz yesterday was so perfect as well. However, also as could be seen yesterday, their DBs aren't exactly Lott, Deion and Sherman in their primes.


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