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🤢🤮 There are so many things wrong with that. And the fact that it has kosher certification is the least of its problems.

Between this trip and the NOLA trip, I haven't dared to get on the scale. Great time at my cousins' house (menu is below).  My 6-year-old nephew is very small but has a big vocabulary already.  H

I am exhausted after just reading your menu.    And depressed that our TG is so soon coming up.    I loved 2020 with its non-family meal.    I think the kids may have had their double vax by late Nove

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almost had to cancel thanksgiving tonight. first mrs. jones came back from the grocery store with boxes of jiffy honey corn muffin mix. then when i went to exchange them for the regular they didn't have any. no soofle, no thanksgiving. fortunately, they had a few boxes of store-brand corn muffin mix. shit better be substitutable.

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(Our family couldn't eat it = too sweet.)    Back to TD '21, husband announced that he "needed" dinner rolls.  Change of plans.   Poured some heavy cream on my breakfast oatmeal : sour.   Change of breakfast plan.   Found that 5 of 6 lemons were 100% moldy.   Sent husband to Grocery Outlet which is open today.    GO out of whipping cream.  Change of plans.    He's out there somewhere, cruising around looking for whipping cream.    Meanwhile roll dough is rising.   I hope.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING, ALL!    That won't change.

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I just watched my future brother-in-law (a pretty strong guy) trying to spatchcock the turkey for 10 minutes. He had to break out the mallet and chisel, but he got the job done. I put a video up on my Instagram, and someone commented, "Why is he performing CPR on that turkey? I don't think it's coming back."

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i was mistaken, the bird was 10 lbs., 62 ounces….on the small side. it didn’t take much time at all. total time in the oven was a little over 2 1/2 hours. hubby had injected the bird with a mix of melted butter and chardonnay, then seasoned it with salt, pepper and herbs prior to roasting. that last pic was some crispy bits from the neck and bodes well for the rest.

we treat the t-day meal as a lunch which has the added benefit of leaving the rest of the day free to do whatever we want. we might go out to see the new movie with lady gaga afterwards.

happy thanksgiving to all.




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This  may go down as one of our most memorable Thanksgivings.    Son and family arrive pretty much on time, bringing covid tests.    So I pass but husband doesn't.   He passes two more, but their three kids have only one shot, so Sayonara.

9 pounds of ham, 2 batches of stuffing, 2 quarts of mac and cheese, 30 roasted carrots, 30 housemade dinner rolls.   Two custom birthday cakes.    Well, what to do but shrug.    Phone rings as son asks if they can pick up a care package.    So we off most of it onto them.    The two of us sat down to a quiet and peaceful supper.  

Son just texted us a video of the kids in paper crowns from their "crackers", thanking us for the feast.   


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