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🤢🤮 There are so many things wrong with that. And the fact that it has kosher certification is the least of its problems.

I am exhausted after just reading your menu.    And depressed that our TG is so soon coming up.    I loved 2020 with its non-family meal.    I think the kids may have had their double vax by late Nove

Me, too. We always have both kinds - canned and "real."

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17 hours ago, small h said:

I just watched my future brother-in-law (a pretty strong guy) trying to spatchcock the turkey for 10 minutes. He had to break out the mallet and chisel, but he got the job done. I put a video up on my Instagram, and someone commented, "Why is he performing CPR on that turkey? I don't think it's coming back."

Poultry shears.

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Since we’re in Greensboro, NC, the turkey was brined and smoked (not by anyone in my family, however). The breast was so moist and juicy that it demanded the turkey be first semi-carved (by someone in my family - i. e. me) so the legs and thighs could go into the oven for about 20-30 minutes to finish cooking to everyone else’s liking.  A damn good bird.

my nephew did lightly smoke (4 hours) and braise a brisket, which was also super moist and juicy and delicious.  On a kosher table, no butter was harmed. The sweet potatoes and carrots were called tzimmes.  A variety of Beaujolais were opened, as were some Gruners and Sancerres for those who must.  Two dogs and a seven-year old grand niece (Oy, I have a grand niece) made for more activity than I’ve been part of in a long time.

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11 hours ago, small h said:

Gotta come off as a man of the people.

I guess … as long as staying at a buttoned-up billionaire’s blow-out bungalow on ACK is one’s idea of “a man of the people”

And note that this posturing has nothing to do with a super power’s proclivity for pompous or imposing POTUS pictures and the need for such image making because Uncle Joe has been going there for decades … I know more about this than you, or I, would want to know

Further I have no interest of commenting on or connecting dots concerning the inconceivable continuity of carried interest … I’m NOT going there !   … but the deduction does defy all logic … except for billionaire logic, of course (More, More, More) … and for those who don’t understand the dreary details of deductions and the logic of the big boys let me put it in simpler, easier-to-understand, maybe more personal terms … carried interest is to billionaires as SALT is to millionaires .. and who here doesn’t like SALT, right ? The more the merrier !


Editorial note : “bungalow” here is being bandied about in the same fashion as “cottage” in Newport ... and the Rube’s manse is one of the nicest manses on an island chock full of seriously-nice manses

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On 11/24/2021 at 9:48 PM, Wilfrid said:

It’s the silliest thing, but after all these years my daughter has the soofle down so I never have to make it any more. 

The demand for it among those who have had it before is indeed insane.

I called it "Indiana Corn Pudding" this year, to avoid explanations, but still hoping that no one asks for the recipe. 

My only innovations this year were sweet potato latkes (since Chanukah is just around the corner) and arugula salad with pomegranate seeds. 


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3 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

Poultry shears.

My sister has them, and she said cutting out the backbone was a breeze. But she couldn't crack the carcass, so she had to outsource that part. I was not quick enough with the cell phone to get footage of her on a stepladder over the sink trying to use body weight, but it was pretty funny.

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Weekend Thanksgiving party:

negroni sbagliato but with Mondino Amaro instead of Campari and Dorst & Consorten vermouth, orange peel. 

Arbequine olives with thyme, pul biber, preserved lemons

hummus with pine nuts

Baguette from the French bakery

turkey 3,8kg slow roasted, stuffed with lemon, thyme, rosemary and sage / speck, fennel, and chestnut stuffing / gravy / cranberry sauce with orange and ginger

Pommes purée

Green beans with oyster mushrooms and crispy shallots 

Crispy brussels sprouts with brown butter, gochujang, and maple syrup 

Braised red cabbage brought by a guest

turkey Alternative brought by a guest

Salad of lambs lettuce, cucumber and black sesame brought by a guest


pumpkin pie à la rose levy bierenbaum

apple crisp à la KAF

make your own ice cream sundaes for the kids

a brilliant 2017 Chablis, and moscato dessert wine afterwards. 

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