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21 hours ago, voyager said:

Funny, that.   And a relish plate.    California holidays.  

Not quite a relish plate, but my cousin and her husband are originally from Washington State and Oregon, respectively, so maybe it's a West Coast thing.

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🤢🤮 There are so many things wrong with that. And the fact that it has kosher certification is the least of its problems.

Between this trip and the NOLA trip, I haven't dared to get on the scale. Great time at my cousins' house (menu is below).  My 6-year-old nephew is very small but has a big vocabulary already.  H

I am exhausted after just reading your menu.    And depressed that our TG is so soon coming up.    I loved 2020 with its non-family meal.    I think the kids may have had their double vax by late Nove

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12 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

Do the apple/cheese fritters I made qualify as latkes? Light almond flour binding. I know latkes don’t have to be potato-based.

”No, shut up” is an acceptable answer. 

“Latke” means “pancake”. So, if a fritter is a pancake, then it’s a latke. Overall, Chanukah is an “excuse” to eat anything fried in oil.

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57 minutes ago, Orik said:

The usage I know is latkes for potato and other vegetable pancakes / patties and kremzalach for e.g. Hannukah cheese pancakes but yeah, you fry it and it's kosher.  

I’ve only made Chremslach with matzoh meal during Passover. But via the Google, I see that you are right about using cheese for both holidays.

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