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I hate the movie Titanic. When asked my opinion of it, I always say that I rooted for the iceberg. But! I love My Heart Will Go On, because I love Celine Dion, generally. So I went to see Never Let Go at The Brick in Williamsburg, which I figured would be more Dion than DiCaprio. It's a one-man show that condenses Titanic into an hour, my preferred length for sit-down entertainment. And it was phenomenal. Yes, the movie is too long by 74%, but it's no easy trick to mostly dispense with the whole pesky "boat sinks" thing and still preserve the story. And yet. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. During curtain call, the entire audience showed our bona fides by singing along to My Heart Will Go On, because in that moment we were all RoseJacktheIceberg. Here's Michael Kinnan, the aforementioned one-man, taking his well-deserved bows.


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The boat sinking is conveyed by (what looked like) a 20 gallon aquarium, into which the performer sticks his head for a few moments to represent Jack and Rose swimming out of steerage.

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