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Pre-pandemic restaurants worth re-visiting

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What prompts this?

  • Partly the M.Wells thread, reminding me that it even existed. I am constantly being reminded these days of restaurants I had completely forgotten about.
  • Also from that thread and others, an awareness that many restaurants are still operating in a limited capacity with much reduced menus.
  • I'm aware of new (and re-opened, eg G&T) places which should be on my list. But there was a world before 2020 and I am struggling to recover it.

Any thoughts along the lines of "This place is still good and worth re-visiting)" would be welcome.

M.Wells obviously has a limited menu. Otway, as entrees, has hanger steak or fish: that's it. Frenchette has a full menu (I'm still not sure I'd enjoy it more than Le Crocodile and it's more expensive).


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The waitress offered me a second glass and I was like, “NO I’LL TALK I’LL TALK.”


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