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Checking Resy, sold out through mid-November.

As much as I adore James Kent and his cooking and would love to go to Saga, I told Michael I’d probably have to be sedated to get me up to the 65th floor since I have a problem taking an elevator that high up.* The pandemic has solved the problem at least for now since we aren’t doing any indoor restaurant dining. 

*Note: I haven’t flown since 1972.

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Based on our dinner last night, it appears they’ve dialed down the “culty” elements of the dinesperience. In fact there wasn’t any mention of the chef at all. Maybe they picked up on the fact that we were jaded diners who’d laugh at the storytelling, I dunno. But I didn’t hear any extraneous spiel at other tables either.

Solid - occasionally great - food. It’s not, say, an Atomix. Buuuuut… it’s like The River Cafe. The view is part of the cost. That’s fine. The food is certainly a lot better than TRC. 

Reasonably priced wine list - some bottles not even 2X retail, including the Paul Bara champers we had through most of the meal. BTG glasses we had with the final entree were very interesting, not the typical generic crowd-pleasers. 

Only thing questionable… most of the menu appeared nearly identical to what I’d  seen others posting last August / September. If it’s not changing with any frequency it reduces the revisit impetus. 

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On 3/12/2022 at 11:57 PM, Wilfrid said:

Solid. Worth $245 plus wine, plus, plus? 

Well, for the time being they’re a little cheaper than Ko, Atomix, Atera… which I guess puts them in the mid-range of evening-length tasting menus? Plus the reasonable wine markups, and a surprising number of decent sub-$100 bottles for a place in their price range, if one wants to keep the cost down. And it includes a cocktail, so sure. There were fewer courses than at those places, though we didn’t leave hungry or anything  

Whether it’s worth a revisit… that’ll depend on how much the menu eventually changes. If you just want to go for the view you could go to the cocktail bar upstairs and have dinner at Crown Shy before/after. 

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