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Recommendation for a Ladies' Brunch in Philadelphia...

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that is not a bridal shower, except that it is. Nothing too posh - entrées < $20 would be ideal. I'm not sure how many we'll be. There are 26 people on the invite list, but it will probably be close to 15. At a glance, these look pretty good to me:

Sabrina’s Café, Alma Del Mar, Bud & Marilyn’s, Front Street Cafe, Attico, The Wayward, Bookers, Harper’s Garden, Parc, Red Owl Tavern, Renata’s Kitchen

Must take reservations, obviously, and be accessible from 30th St. Station (a short public transportation jaunt is fine). Any recommendations from my list, or from yours? Thanks!


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You’ve picked pretty different neighborhoods. I don’t know most of these but Attico and Red Owl tavern would be easiest public transportation wise as you can catch the Frankford/Market line to Broad street for the former, and 5th or 2nd street for the latter. plus then you can walk around Center City/ respectively Old City. Parc is also easy to get to (green trolly to 19th and market, then walk to Rittenhouse Square) but I have to admit I’m not a huge fan. Bud & Marylin‘s would involve a subway and some more walking but doable and a nice area to walk around. I didn’t look up all of them but Renata‘s is my old neighborhood* and could be a pain to get to with so many people. 

ok just looked up the wayward, also close to rittenhouse square and same guy who runs double knot/izakaya which I like. 

*apparently Bookers too. 

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