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Pastrami Grill Bistro...Garfield

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Anyone been there or heard anything about it? I actually heard two very good reports (on the pastrami) from two people, independent of each other, both who are in the business. For me, it might be a good alternative to Eppes Essen and Hobby's, LOL. Interested to hear if anyone has been or heard. Thanks.

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I went...for takeout...it's OK, good. I don't know that I would drive 25 minutes to go there, but for a change of pace, I might. Since Harold's closed, if I want pastrami, the alternatives for me are -- Benny's (Fair Lawn), Kosher Nosh (Glen Rock, which I am not a big fan of), and Petak's (Fair Lawn, which I haven't been to in a long time). So, at this place, Pastrami is their best offering. It's OK, good. Not great -- meaning not on par with Eppes Essen or Hobby's -- but good. Corned beef and brisket were fair, not as strong of an offering. Not sure how these are prepared, made, etc. -- as I just saw the finished product stored in steamed/serving trays lined up up front. I was offered a piece of each to try. They seem to be a doing a nice amount of business as it was busy when I got there (peak lunch time). 

More of a "fast food" type of vibe. The knish is a typical, small, square, frozen, mass produced type of thing. Not worth it. Simple, plain, bland. Interesting place. If I was nearby, OK, I might go. But if I am in the mood for pastrami -- I am going to Eppes Essen.

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