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Dungeness crab

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Today I bought our first Dungeness of the season.   $14.99 a pound, in shell, a new price point for me.   Just over $30 for the crab.   I’ll see how that nets out.   I pay $50-60 a pound for picked crab, and my home-did product has less shell fragment.   I hope to get more than a half pound meat out of this one.   Husband says just mayo with Colman’s tonight.    

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1 hour ago, Sneakeater said:

Not that @voyagerwould do that. 

Probably only when squiring around out-of-towners

eta because this crab struck me as "lean" when I started to pick it, I weighed out the net product.   

2.8 oz leg meat; 2.7 body meat.    $5.45 / oz

Picked crab from my local at $50 lb. = $3.13 / oz.   Or down the street   $60 lb. = $3.75 / oz.  

So much for my per hour worth!   


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Picked up two crabs at the Fisherman's Wharf market near work. At $10/lb, it came to $35 and change.  (They're also selling live crabs at $9/lb.)  N will pick up avocado and a few other things today, and we'll have a nice dinner.

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