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Sorry to be pedantic, but Des Moines isn't really accurate.  The area is called Boulevard Park and is a no-man's land wedged between Seattle, Burien, Tukwila & Seatac.

Des Moines, Boulevard Park, Burien, blah blah blah. :rolleyes:

Unfortunately, with an attitude like that, we're going to have to revoke your 'Certified South-ender' card. Your hairspray, cap and pickup will be reposessed shortly... :(

I will surrender my rifle and cut my fe-mullet immediately. My membership card is officially ripped up to shreds. :(


See you all tomorrow!!

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love the idea of another crawl, but the 27th is a bit dicey for me...

Well, on the good side I just sold my house :(

On the bad side the inspection is Monday and things are magically breaking and needing my attention :(

I have totally been looking forward to the Saturday crawl, but it just ain't gonna work out. So sorry. I hope this doesn't mess up the carpooling plans, as I was planning to be a driver. :rolleyes:

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Unfortunatley, I won't be able to make it today (Saturday) but I am definately in for tomorrow (Sunday). I'm not sure if Paul is going or not. Also, my friend Mr. Bill and/or his gf Gillian might come too. So................I might have room in my car. I'll keep you posted.

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Man oh man...


What a great day we had! Jan and Rocky and I even got to bust out with our spanish at a couple of stops where there wasn't much english goin' on.


The best thing I learned today: Ambaum Avenue is taqueria central. On the way from Zacatecas in 'downtown' Burien to the taco truck in White Center (Fondita II) we passed no less than 6 taquerias -- including one with an outdoor parilla -- plus a taco bus, and a mexican bakery. The saddest thing was passing them by!


Second best thing I learned today: chicharron doesn't always mean just fried pork rind. There's a meaty kind that they sell at Carniceria El Paisano that's like the best carnitas you ever had. Oh, man. I am regretting not waiting in line to buy some. As it is, we're looking lovingly at the two tamales in the fridge, waiting to get hungry again...


Here are my votes...

Best carnitas: the ones at the market in Kent, next to the Oberto Factory Outlet

Best tortillas: Zacatecas, where they make them fresh

Favorite overall experience: La Fondita II ("with two, you get garnish!")

Saddest slide into mediocrity: El Rinconsito

Best thing I put in my mouth this month: Chicharron at El Paisano


Sue, you have to post all of the names of the places we went to, since we did so many substituions.


We definitely need to do another southside crawl: We hardly touched the P-I's list of trucks, and we literally could do a crawl up and down Ambaum (with a 2-block detour over to 15th for chicharron :rolleyes: and tamales at El Paisano).


I'm looking forward to seeing the crew at 11 tomorrow at the first stop on the Seattle tour. We'll wait there until 11:15 or so in case of stragglers, but if we've gone, you can just meet up with us at the next stop.


Yours in tacos,


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Guest rockdoggydog

Great day in the morning! What was lost is now found. Taqueria central, woo hoo. :rolleyes: Like Anita said, Ambaum Ave is the shizznit. We all looked longingly at the taqueria with the parilla and inhaled deeply as we went by. I had a great time with everyone, thanks for driving Sue! :( The tamales were still warm when I got home so Dani tore into them and the chicharron. I think her eyes rolled into the back of her head at one point. :( The pan I picked up as El Paisano was excellent also, really light and moister than I usually find in pan dulces. I stuck mostly to lengua for the day and ordered the odd extra taco as items grabbed my eye.


Best Taco Taqueria Zacatecas - the buche (pig stomach) taco was out of this world amazing, the flavor was great with just the right combo of texture


Best Lengua Taqueria Fondita - flavor and texture were perfect, not too mushy and not too chewy, the lightly grilled tortilla was a nice touch


Honorable Mention Taqueria Fondita #2 - the chicharron taco was great and the roasted jalapeno that Anita and Cam shared with us was excellent


During the driving Sue, Connie, and I discussed future crawls, and the list so far that we came up with was:


Ambaum Ave crawl

BBQ crawl - to quote Chris Rock "How much for one rib?"

Bahn Mi crawl - except with this one the idea was that we should all go to the Bahn Mi places in our neigborhoods and gather at one place to swap tastes

Pho crawl - same format as the Bahn Mi crawl

Sushi crawl - okay this was rejected because of the extreme difficulty of such a thing


We also decided that we need to go back to La Terraza Nayarita as a group and drink lots, eat lots, go upstairs and dance, and then have menudo afterwards, or we could just have dinner. :( See the Sunday bunch tomorrow.



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What is a parilla?


Thanks for the reports about the south end crawl.


I have disappointing news. I woke up with a raw sore throat today and under the weather, so I am not going to make it to the Seattle taco crawl. :rolleyes:

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parilla = large, flat grill


If you drive up Ambaum from 152nd (the main drag of old Burien) toward White Center, it's on the east side of the street not too far up -- less than a half mile, for sure. You can smell it!


Anyone else remember more accurately than Cam or I do?



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