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Oishii strawberries

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You are kidding?

The berries of my childhood, some from our SF back yard and several varieties in France are my yardsticks.   SF farmers markets, again bringing berries from my home town, sell worthwhile berries.    We are  consistently disappointed in Central Valley berries.   But looks are seldom a criterion except that I never buy dark red berries which to me are overripe.

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6 hours ago, voyager said:

$50 for box of 8   

Not sure if the point is that these berries are cheap or expensive, seriously ...

cuz here's a handful of green grapes for way over a hundred US$ greenbacks ...



And heck, let's play some poker while we're all here ...

I see those strawberries, Splink, and I raise you my top shelf Musk Melons for $110 ...

no make that $120 ... no make that $150 ... nope, final top right raise for $200 for one measly melon ... you in or out, Splink ? 




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I've had some very expensive fruit, usually consumed as a guest in wealthy Japanese people's homes. The only expensive fruit I've had that I thought was almost worth the exorbitant price was the strawberries, and maybe the cherries. Otherwise, I found fruits like musk melons, apples, and grapes to be mostly 1-note, and that note was sweet.     

(The very first time I was invited to a Japanese person's home, I was served very expensive grapes. I had no idea I wasn't supposed to eat the skin, which was very thick and tough. I almost choked on it, also in part because I was very nervous)

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13 hours ago, voyager said:

The question is whether those consuming this produce have the palate and experience to evaluate their merit.   

Strongly disagree 

Quite frankly it’s a totally irrelevant question and it’s simply you imposing your presumably “superior” value system over theirs … think about it 

If buying that excruciatingly expensive fruit*, whose price is completely unhinged from palate considerations, brings them enough psychic pleasure to justify the price to THEM then that’s all that matters. They decide how they spend their money, not you 

These are luxury goods … and they pretty much all work the same way 


excruciatingly expensive, for YOU. For some folks (and there’s millions upon millions of them), $2 or $20 or $200, it’s all the same thing ie meaningless in the grand scheme of things. And it’s the same for you, just at a different scale … you might be willing to spend $.02 or $.20 or maybe even up to $2 for a great piece of bubble gum that really really caught your fancy … and then the dismissive Ukrainians will be sneering at you saying “Look at the fat cat American blowing her wad on an expensive piece of Bazooka … she wouldn’t know quality bazooka if it hit her between her 👀 and stuck there ! “

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45 minutes ago, Chambolle said:

If...price is completely unhinged from palate considerations, brings them enough psychic pleasure to justify the price to THEM then that’s all that matters.

This is one of your most reasonable posts.    It explains everything.   Many thanks.  

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