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I remember one of my first visits to NYC was an early February solo trip. I had a reservation at Alison on Dominick. Basically a blizzard was forecast for later that night. Great meal in the nearly em

You'll have to move out to the Bay Area then. I'm grateful to be here now.  It's supposed to be a high of 66 today.

Or you could get yourself invited to Stef and N's, dine on produce plucked hours before from their garden, Flannery beef if you insist, grilled outdoors in February and forget about that top button.

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There's a silver lining - trucker convoy protesting at the legislature will hopefully be too cold to continue blocking traffic and harassing passers by. Crossing fingers, anyway - all but the tips!      

We also had another bout of snow, continuing today. We've had 112cm of snow since the 1st snowfall in November, and it's only the start of February. Winter 20-21 we had just about 100cm total. I thought the Farmers Almanac had predicted a generally mild winter this year!

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I feel like we have one more weather event coming. But yesterday afternoon was lovely.

I was walking in Marcus Garvey Park in the sunshine when it dawned on me that the reason the huge "Summer of Soul" crowd could be accommodated was that the swimming pool and amphitheater had not yet been built. Turns out it was close: construction was 1969-71 says Wikipedia.

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