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NFL 2022-2023

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Just one big hit, please!!

I envy you now.

I love it when my team brings in the 4th string.  Because they ARE CRUSHING BRADY.

11 hours ago, hollywood said:

So Al Michaels is going to do Thursday Night Football for Amazon.  C'mon Al.  Hang it up.

When he did college football for ABC, I worked as a PA whenever they did games in the Southeast. He was great to work for. Also was lucky enough to be in the booth with Keith Jackson, Frank Broyles and Howard Cossell (bowl season only) I have great memories of some of times in the booth and after hours stories and jokes. I will be sad when he retires.

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The Rams got creamed by the Bills but they were lacking Von Miller (playing well for the Bills) and Beckham who is holding out somewhere.  The Rams weren't that bad, but they lacked the weapons to mess with the Bills and their defense. Will Kroenke buy some more talent?

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18 hours ago, Wilfrid said:

I never expected an incident in the NFL to remind me of Middlesex cricketer Wilf Slack. Slack was not lucky.

I mean we all know that football is a crazy, violent sport - what sport isn't (Okay, golf maybe? Table tennis?)?

But that was literally a one in a million scenario. Other brutal injury issues with (American) football happen in every single game.

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