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This place is a blast.

There is no better bar to eat at in New York right now.  (I’m sure the dining room is also great fun.)

And the food is actually GOOD.

COMP DISCLOSURE:  They just told me I’m about to receive some comped new menu item that goes with the comped glass of wine they just poured me.  

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Tiny letters toward the bottom of their website landing page, to the right of "Menu".

It is such a BLIGHT that so few places do now. 

https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/12/dining/el-quijote-review-hotel-chelsea.html @EvelynAccording to Pete Wells, if you can believe that guy, it's a rum-flavored gâteau Basque, served with cara car

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Casa Dani is weird. Some good stuff like the tuna carpaccio, some inexplicable like a way undercooked paella, but I guess every Dani Garcia restaurant I've been to was like that. I'm curious as to whether this all represents an embracing of Spanish food, or just a decline of everything else. 

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That butifarra really IS good.

 I came here from a flamenco show.  Not much Andalusian food on the menu. But I’m drinking a lot of Sherry, The Official Fortified Wine Of Flamenco. 

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Specifics, please, gentlemen, some details for those of us too mundane to feast on vibe alone.

I read that the restaurant has shrunk significantly. Has the food improved proportionately?

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