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Robuchon disciple opens a French 'bistro' in Tribeca. When I saw the name, I thought, Are they reopening? But did I mean L'Abeille in Paris? Or the Belgian in New York? But I now suspect I was thinkin

9 hours ago, Orik said:

Seems like a potentially very good French Japanese place. Whether the genre is viable in NYC right now I dunno

The cuisine is like Shun, where the chef previously worked, though the atmospherics may not be as luxurious. We loved Shun. Went three times. (It and its sister restaurant Le Jardinair, which we didn’t like, have not reopened yet.)

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The foie gras torchon with rhubarb and lavender, while nothing you haven't had before, is Seasonally Correct -- and like everything here, immaculately prepared.

The roast squab is about perfect.  MUCH better, I think, than the somewhat similar -- and more elaborate -- dish at Mena.  (See, I was expecting this to be fussied-up, too.  But it wasn't.  Sure it had a glaze and a sauce -- but it just came across as a particularly succulent roast squab.)

You don't want to hear about it, but the white chocolate dessert is very good.

So, bottom line:  not over-elaborate, not showy.  Just very good Modern French.

I mean, it could stand to be cheaper.  (Especially because those prices draw the kind of crowd I am not used to spending time with.)

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