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I think what happened at Le Crocodile is that they understandably felt it necessary to cut down their menu during the slack period when the hotel wanted them to be open but they weren't doing much business (and sending those sad emails to their list).  My complaint is that they haven't bulked it back up now that business has picked back up (although it isn't surprising they didn't).

Compare Frenchette (which, obvs, isn't in a hotel).  Their menu also contracted significantly during Lockdown.  Now that things are resuming, they've expanded it some -- but not back to what it used to be.

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Just wanted to say, good to see you back here!  I miss all of the Eating in Translation adventures I had when I lived in NYC.

It's easier to find good West African in New York than good French.

I could've sworn that Le Gigot had it, but I just looked at their on line menu and... nope. Weirdly enough, opentable is taking their reservations & the menu they have posted says that the Le

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Right. I would imagine kitchen staffing is one reason things aren't fully back at LC, while the Frenchette menu is a story of current nyc dining - still very slow Mon-Tue (esp. for big ticket items), but Fri-Sat are back to before with the additional pressure from outdoor dining which means the kitchen is slammed even with a smaller menu. (and ingredient prices, etc.)

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