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[SEA] Restaurant Happenings around town

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Last minute, but a couple interesting events this week in G-town...


- Tonight there's a Bastille Day event at the Corson Building which includes food, drink, music and chicken races. $35pp, kids 12 and under free.


- Tomorrow night there's a kick-off event for the new Cassis (yes, THAT Cassis) catering company. $100pp with proceeds going towards funding start-up costs.

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Seattle Shake May 1-22: 2 cocktails, 1 appetizer = $15. Faves like Ibiza, May, Palace Kitchen, and Il Bistro are participating. Most places have a choice of 3 or 4 cocktails, and a similar amount of a

Just found out there is free food (taco truck), beer, and tours at Henrybuilt from 4-8 pm today. A block party that includes the manufacturers in the long multi-colored warehouse there along Ohio Avenue S. Says 2nd annual - so maybe put it on the calendar for next year?



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Let's see, $20/pp to taste heirloom tomato dishes prepared by the likes of Jason Wilson and William Belickis? Practically in my back yard? Why yes, I think I will!


For those not familiar with Cedarbrook Lodge, its the conference center that WaMu built near SeaTac. A very nice and secluded facility, now being run as an independent business. If you attend on Sunday and find me in a corner curled into the fetal position, its because I'm having PTSD induced flashback... :blink:

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In case y'all hadn't heard about this yet - from Kim Ricketts Book Events:


Cooks & Books Party with Rene Redzepi, author of NOMA: Time & Place in Nordic Cuisine


October 5

Time: 6 p.m.

Cost: $150 per person includes all appetizers, cocktails, taxes, gratuity and a signed copy of the $50 book.

Location: Mistral Kitchen

2020 Westlake Avenue, Seattle


In April 2010, Rene Redzepi's Noma was recognized as the #1 restaurant in the world by the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards, and Redzepi is widely credited for the reinvention of Nordic cuisine. After somewhat randomly deciding to be a chef, he worked at Adria's El Bulli in 1999, spent four months at Keller's French Laundry in 2004 and has since forged his own way; a way focusing on only local (often foraged) Scandinavian ingredients. This means no foie gras or even olive oil. His working days often start with a foraging expedition before dawn, and he regularly consults Danish food historians, elderly locals and out of print cookbooks about Nordic food traditions.


Redzepi and his chefs try out their dishes in the experimental lab/kitchen of his houseboat, and while his commitment to perfectionism is legendary, he is also committed to deep flavors and even utensil-free, eat-with-your-hands deliciousness.


We are thrilled to host this chef for an evening of conversation, cocktails and appetizers inspired by his new book NOMA: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine.In the true spirit of Chef Redzepi, William Belickis, the technically brilliant chef and owner of Mistral Kitchen, will welcome guests to his modern downtown restaurant and create dishes from our own Northwest foraged edibles, glorious local seafood, and abundant local fruits and vegetables. It will be an autumn evening not to be missed, and a rare chance to meet this now world-famous Danish chef.


The main event is more of a casual appetizer/cocktail sampling, but there will also be a more formal multicourse dinner independent of the book event in the Jewel Box (which may be sold out by the time you read this, unfortunately). And yes, I will be doing some desserts "inspired" by the book as well. We're working from pre-release galleys and there are some interesting ingredients we may or may not decide to import. William is working with a professional forager to gather some local, indigenous foods in keeping with the spirit of the book. Should be fun!

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I'm hosting a Rhum Dinner at Spur on Monday November 8. It'll be a five course dinner with paired cocktails featuring Rhum Clement and Rhum JM. Part of the reason for doing this dinner is that Ben Jones, a 4th generation member of the family that founded Rhum Clement will be there to answer questions be eye candy as he is a tall good looking man. :) The price is $90 with cocktails, exclusive of tax and tip. Cocktails will be made by Marley Beard and Craig Schoen of Spur, Cale Green and Nathan Webber of Tavern Law, and I'll be making the punch to serve before dinner.




Tuna Tartare

avocado. chili. lime.



Sous Vide Pork Belly

cabbage. pineapple. creole mustard.



Smoked King Crab

greens. winter squash. pecans.



Beef Cheeks

carrot. coriander. horseradish.



Rhum Walnut Sponge

banana. ice cream. sea salt.


Call Spur for reservations at 206-728-6706.


Hope to see you there!



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Here's your warning (too much food and $ for me this year):


Monday April 4th

Whole Beast meets Seattle Chef's Table at Lark

$150 per person

Our own annual celebration of the big pig, with a little lamb and goat thrown in for good measure. Thierry, Jason, Maria, Holly and Tamara will be my guest chefs at this family style feast.

Our tradition has always been to invite you to bring a special bottle of wine, with no corkage fee. We'll offer a pairing and have our list available as well.

Call Lark at 206.323.5275 to make a reservation.

Dinner starts at 6 PM.


Here are just a few of the dishes we're planning for the menu!


Pig Snout Milanese with pickle aioli

Lacquered Eggplant with couscous and slow braised goat

Pork Tenderloin with chorizo, clams and crispy pork skin

Lamb Tongues, white anchovy butter, Yellow Finn potatoes, lentils

Pork Cheeks with polenta, fried rosemary and huckleberries

Salted Caramel ice cream with larded graham cracker cones

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Babette's Feast - April 3, 2011 5:00 PM


Dinner & A Movie Present: Babette's Feast, April 3 Tickets are going quickly for this Dinner and a Movie screening of one of the best "food movies" ever! Volterra's award-winning Chef Don Curtiss will be recreating the gourmet meal featured in the film, allowing you to further indulge in this delicious experience. Babette's Feast is the story of two dutiful, self-denying daughters of a devout clergyman who befriend a mysterious refugee, Babette. Soon, Babette has convinced them to try something truly outrageous--a gourmet French meal!


Tickets: specially priced at $125 per person with a lavishly-created menu designed by Chef Don Curtiss and red and white wine!


Volterra’s award-winning Chef Don Curtiss will once again prepare a sumptuous feast as featured in one of the greatest “food” movies ever.



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Plate of Nations is a promotion started by an eclectic group of restaurants along MLK in the Rainier Valley. It's a good excuse to venture south and try out an area that offers an amazing array of ethnic food. I've been to a few of these places and they are quite good.
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Plate of Nations is a promotion started by an eclectic group of restaurants along MLK in the Rainier Valley. It's a good excuse to venture south and try out an area that offers an amazing array of ethnic food. I've been to a few of these places and they are quite good.


I've gone to a few those myself, so last Monday, some friends gathered to try Cajun Crawfish. It was pretty good if you can overlook the plastic bib, roll of paper towels, plastic forks, and dinner being served in a plastic bag. Man, I hate all of that. I'd happily pay an extra couple of dollars for actual plates and service. But when we left, the place was full and lots of happy crawfish and shrimp eating going on.

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Brave Horse Tavern started doing Sunday fried chicken dinners a while back and a group of us went last Sunday.


We were lucky enough to get in on one of Spring Hill's final chicken dinners so that was fresh in my mind as we were giving Brave Horse a try. Brave Horse was so disappointing to me. First off, the chicken. I love the pickle brine and was surprised at how much the pickle taste came through after frying. For $14 you get 3 pieces of chicken and the sides - not served family style but plated. My pieces were a leg, a wing and 1/6 of a whole breast (1/3 of a half a breast) which seemed like a small serving - or maybe it's because I prefer a thigh to a breast. I didn't care for most of the sides - the greens were too vinegar-y, the mashed potatoes were glue-y and the gravy bland, I'll admit to not trying the chow chow because Paul tasted it and actually called it disgusting. I did like the roll - it was quite sweet, almost verging on the sweetness of the Hawaiian rolls.


At $20 per person, the dinner at Spring Hill was a much better value due to the higher quality of food.

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Seattle Restaurant Week is coming up.


10 days.

Over 150 Restaurants.

3 courses for $28.


Dine out and celebrate the fall run of Seattle Restaurant Week, October 16-27, 2011 (excluding Friday, Saturday and Sunday brunch). More than 150 local restaurants are serving up three-course dinners for just $28* - and many of them are offering three-course lunch for $15*


Spring Hill is on the list. :)

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