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Because I am thinking a lot about Nick Gatti, let me recall a Mouthfuls gathering at dba. He showed up late but with a bag. The contents of the bag he deposited on a table. It was an entire pig’s

180F sous vide for 24+ hours. Salt 1%, instacure #1 (0.1% - 0.25%) if you want, spices.  We get half heads from the farm. I think you should be able to get snouts in Chinese meat markets but you

I definitely see these in the markets I go into here...I think even at Luis's...but that's here...  

On 5/15/2022 at 8:30 PM, Wilfrid said:

Yes there was a kind of back room between the bar and the garden which Mouthfuls reserved a couple of times. 

Significant Eater was the garden monitor on Friday nights; sometimes I'd wander back there for a smoke.

But let's face it - the farther one was away from the bathrooms in that place, the better. Because if a place's bathrooms could make the bathrooms at CBGB or Coney Island High look plush, this was the place.

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5 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

Let's not forget the bathroom in Noodletown.

Unlike CB's bathroom, it's not iconically vile.  It's just vile.

Yes, about GNYN...but, I could get through a meal there without having to use the bathroom.  A night at DBA often meant one had to use the bathroom.

5 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

I'll never forget the first time I entered the CBs bathroom.

I was expecting it to be bad.  But I wasn't expecting THAT.

I think the first time I entered the bathroom there, someone had just finished shooting up.

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On 9/5/2022 at 9:09 PM, Sneakeater said:

Uh oh the Regents of the State of New York are going to revoke my Spanish diploma.

One of my most stupid collegiate errors was thinking that i could place out of the three years of language requirement by testing out.    So I mustered any and all of my Latin and Spanish and jumped.    Placed in the last quarter of the highest level.    Then, should that not been enough, the section I enrolled in was a Tues/Thurs/Sat  8am.    And taught by a graduate level prof who was German as first language.   He would speak English for several paragraphs, switch to Spanish and repeat.    I sat there, nodding on and off consciousness, trying to parse which he was speaking.    Not my finest hour.

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