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4 hours ago, voyager said:

One of my most stupid collegiate errors was thinking that i could place out of the three years of language requirement by testing out.    So I mustered any and all of my Latin and Spanish and jumped.    Placed in the last quarter of the highest level.    Then, should that not been enough, the section I enrolled in was a Tues/Thurs/Sat  8am.    And taught by a graduate level prof who was German as first language.   He would speak English for several paragraphs, switch to Spanish and repeat.    I sat there, nodding on and off consciousness, trying to parse which he was speaking.    Not my finest hour.

My big mistake (this was in high school) was taking Regents Typing.

I knew I wanted to be a writer, and figured I'd better learn to type.  But when I was ready to take typing, the only course with spaces open was the Regents course.

The constituents of my New York State Regents average were all in the high 90s -- except for one grade in the 70s.  (I still qualified for a scholarship, happily.)

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Wow when Regents Diplomas meant cash - you really are old. My High School had a totally antiquated grading system where the Regents Exams were massively overvalued in the grading system. Really helped my gpa.


I placed out of French in undergrad but was required to keep taking a language until I could sit an oral proficiency exam in my second year  so I decided I would fulfill my literature and comp requirements for graduation in French.  The main advantage of which was having better looking male friends in bars often be eager to know " wait how do you know her and why did she wave hello to you across the bar"

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