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Talk to me about poutine.

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I'm thinking there's no way poutine can be bad --- french fries, cheddar cheese curds, and thick brown gravy. Sounds like one of my favorite college snacks, in fact.   So where's the best place to

That's the strange thing to be proud about.   What was that Wisconsin-themed bar on Grand Street serving cones of cheese curds? I don't hate them, but the resemblance to polystyrene lowers them in t

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They have this "wild game poutine" at the Beatrice Inn in New York that, while it's completely over the top, is so outrageously great that I can't believe it. You could almost imagine having it at Joe Beef (yeah, it has a huge slab of foie gras in it).

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I developed a craving for poutine a few days ago, but couldn't be bothered to travel for it. Made it at home with fries, vegan gravy leftover from a tofurkey roast, some cooked ground beef, and grated Keen's cheddar.


Why not?

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