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As mentioned elsethread, a much simplified The Exterminating Angel with bits of Willow Inn hahaha thrown in. If only the maker of that Plotnicki / Hayler / Luxeat doc could get in on the action it would be great. 

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A curiosity (recommended in a list of obscure but worthwhile movies in Brooklyn Rail). 

Times Square (1980), produced by Robert Stigwood. Two punky teenage girls on the run and causing havoc. The leads really commit to their roles, balancing out a horribly miscast Tim Curry (an English guy with a plummy accent playing a character called Johnny LaGuardia?).

Plenty of silly stuff, like the relative absence of cops despite all the vandalism and misbehavior (they do show up at the end when one of the girls is playing a permit-less concert in Times Square with her rock band). Also, some heartfelt stuff and a killer soundtrack. At one of the character's low moments, "Pissing in the River' suddenly kicks in, and it's perfect.

I streamed it free here: https://archive.org/details/times-square-1980-480p


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I never saw her; she lived in the same posh neighborhood as Kenny Ball (the jazz man).

OMG, my brain, which can remember nothing useful, just told me that the name of her partner was Len Tuckey. Will go and check.

Yes, married to her and subsquently divorced, thanks memory.

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