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I have to say I found Tayyabs somewhat disappointing. I was expecting Indian (OK, Pakistani) cuisine beyond what I'm used to in New York. But that's not what it is. What it is, is a very good cheap place. An astonishing value (although not for a solo diner). But not great food. Just really good cheap food.


(Note, the following are NYC comparisons, cuz that's where I'm from.) Sure, if Tayyabs were in Curry Hill it would blast away the competition. But it's not nearly as good as Tulsi, much less being something way beyond it, as I'd misguidedly hoped.

your expectations were incorrectly calibrated. If anything its simpler food than most of the places in Curry Hill, but done at a much higher level. If you were looking for something to blow away Tulsi you should have done one of the starred places.

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i'm not sure what tayyabs reputation is now vis a vis previous--it was still busy for weekday lunch when i stopped in with a group last week. we enjoyed the food but we all thought it was a notch or two below our lunch at lahore kebab house (the two places have nearly identical menus). and frankly, i preferred lahore kebab house's spartan canteen look to the more garish interior of tayyabs. based on these two meals i'd say there's no reason to stand in line at tayyabs if it's easier to get into lahore kebab house (though it may not be, i suppose).


service was a bit ragged* even though the place wasn't full--most of the tables in the small room we were in remained empty throughout our meal; makes me wonder how they cope when it's far busier, as it apparently is at dinner and on the weekends. the famous lamb chops didn't do much for me--i preferred the seekh kababs. more in a more detailed write-up in a week or two.


*but also quite friendly. our server was a young bangladeshi man (he said about 30% of the staff are bangladeshi) and we chatted in bengali throughout.

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