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Corner Bar, Lobby Lounge, Ignacio Mattos in Nine Orchard

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We got a chance to try Corner Bar this week, as well as have a post-dinner drink in Lobby Lounge. That Lobby Lounge space is gorgeous, and the entire renovation (when completed and when the green construction fences are finally removed) is quite lovely; having taken 10 or so years, it should be.  Nine Orchard.

My pictures will do nothing in terms of highlighting how nice the place looks, so have a look here instead...https://www.vogue.com/article/a-first-look-at-nine-orchard-lower-east-side-This all exists is the area known as Dimes Square (shoot me), which I'm hoping will fall of everyone's must-see list within a year or two.

Anyway, the food we had was pretty good. I was excited to see one of my favorite birds on the menu, the Sasso chicken from Lapera Bros. poultry, where I've been know to buy a few live birds every now and then. Well, they were alive when they weighed them, but not by the time I got them home.


Nice prep, crispy skin, juicy chicken, sauce slightly cloying (?), but you know, it's the first or second week, so that can be understood.  Significant Eater had a pasta dish, overdressed for days, but what else is new (I've never been a huge fan of his pasta dishes, having had some quite forgettable ones at Altro Paradiso). French fries - work on them! Dessert was the mousse, and good...


But how could it not be?

I'm always interested as new places open in my neighborhood.  I'm always wondering, can it become a regular for us?  I doubt this place will be able to fit that bill; it ain't cheap (and my guess is these opening prices will go up - I get it, I understand, but it's already $21 for a Caesar!), it's going to be packed to the gills, I'm pretty sure. And if the table next to me insists on wearing shorts at dinner, while not even removing their stupid baseball caps, I don't know that the crowd fits our bill either.  So - there goes the neighborhood, but hopefully only for a year or two!

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As I believe @Orik once said:  "STOP!"



A new sushi bar called Time, which opened in June, on Canal at Forsyth, feels forged from the ethos of the original Dimes era. The appeal is less about the food—a hundred-and-fifty-dollar omakase at the bar, à-la-carte nigiri and sashimi rounded out by sake-steamed clams and yellowtail carpaccio with yuzu in the dining room—than it is about the juxtaposition of eating the food while effectively on top of a Chinatown-bus stop, of hoisting your Telfar bag onto a white tablecloth and sipping ume highballs amid the bustle of budget travellers lugging overstuffed duffels.

I always love eating at bus stops!!  I just hope their clams haven't arrived via one of the travellers overstuffed duffel bags...


Today might be a good day to reconsider some of the great deals you get on seafood down in Chinatown, at least in the shellfish department. The manager of the New Lin Sichuan Fish Market faces criminal charges after investigators caught her and her employees receiving delivery of hundreds of pounds of freshwater clams from a passenger bus in Chinatown, where they had been stored in the luggage compartment in improper containers without refrigeration.

Hannah continues with the following, referencing Corner Bar:


The burnished exterior of a sliced baguette, served on a doily, was so shiny it looked to be made of plaster—but it cracked open to reveal a warm, fragrant, chewy crumb. Gesturing to the accompanying pat of cultured butter, sparkling with salt, a model-handsome bartender with a curly-topped high fade said, “My nose is starting to break out from that. I brush my teeth with it.”

She had me at model-handsome.

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1 hour ago, Wilfrid said:

A weird ramble, with the "review" of the Mattos place strangely crammed into the final short paragraph.

Hannah probably so smitten with Dimes Square she could barely do anything written.

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I gotta admit...




The fucking building...gorgeous.

And by a simple twist of fate, I was able to score a solo bar seat last night, with no trouble at all.

My wet Plymouth Martini was lovely and icy cold and the way I ordered it. And my special pasta bolognese was quite good too. No complaints. Well, I could, but...you know...

That would just be some cranky shit.


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6 hours ago, hollywood said:

Mmmm.  Regular or Navy Strength?

My Martini was regular strength (probably not a bd thing) - kinda hard to find bars around here serving the Navy Strength, though I have a bottle or two in my "bar."

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On 9/21/2022 at 10:19 PM, joethefoodie said:

That would just be some cranky shit.

Fuck it - I decided to be a little cranky.

Corner Bar is (currently, at least) the kind of place I'm pretty sure @Sneakeater has talked about before. Like, you know, most of the crowd just no one you would ever choose to dine with, much less hang out around. For instance, on either side of me at the bar...


This guy, who has no idea that, you know, maybe take off your stupid fucking hat inside a restaurant. And on the other side, the classic...


Hair twirler, while I'm trying to eat my dinner. What's with people who can't leave their hair alone while at a bar or in a restaurant, or both? She must have put her hair up, and then let it down, a half dozen times during my time there. And as @Orik has noted elsewhere, 3 women, a number of drinks each, shared 2 salads.

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3 hours ago, joethefoodie said:

At least no one was clipping their nails (I only see that on the subway and in Seward Park).

It was such a delightful comedown after two weeks in Tokyo riding their subway to board the MTA from JFK and find someone clipping their toenails in our car. 

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